Wednesday, February 3, 2010

project linus: blankets for Haiti

I saw a tweet last week about the Cincinnati Chapter of Project Linus aiming to collect 1000 blankets to ship to Haiti. I love this idea b/c my kids can be involved, my Mom, sister and niece can help...and just like I had hoped, everyone got on board. So Saturday, we have plans to meet at my niece's apartment for snacks, drinks and Sugar cupcakes while also making 6 or so blankets.
Yesterday, I went and bought the fabric. The plan is for at least 4 fleece blankets, single ply according to their specs. And I bought fabric to make two flannel blankets as well. I figured I could whip those up early as the others are no sew.
I did get one blanket finished but since I had not sewn in awhile, I encountered some issues. One of the issues being that all my stitches were wonky which I did not realize until I had done two sides. So...after a quick Google search, I realized using the zig zag stitch would be a better choice for flannel. I ripped out the first two hemmed sides and began again.
And it looks like this. Nice and cozy. It is an extremely grey day so the blanket did not photograph as well as I know it could :) I am ready to whip up the second one and am eyeballing all the ideas for finishing off fleece blankets. Who knew so many variations on one theme existed?

The best part is how super excited my kids are. They love the fabric. They love that I sewed the first one. They cannot wait to help on the next blankets. Olivia asked specifically WHO would be doing the delivery of the blankets and was thrilled that she is included. A totally feel good project all.the.way.around.
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Anonymous said...

I love Project Linus! Several of my kids have come home to me with a Project Linus tag on their blankie. Often when kids are brought into care, stripped down to the bare minimum, they have received a lovie from CPS. It gives me chills to think that someone took the time and love to comfort a child that they may never know. My Kacey sleeps with his Linus blankie that he was given during his first removal. Precious. Thanks for using your talent to sew, to love on others.

Stephenie said...

Anonymous is me, Stephenie. Sorry I am not good at blogging details.

Tracy said...

Stephenie, thanks for the comment! I did figure out it was you :) I think we will make more of these in the future for children locally but it sure was an easy, feel good task.