Thursday, February 4, 2010

tonight, i unearthed some treasures...

I remember loving this photo back then, but now, 3.5 years later, it made me choke up a little.
These were taken by my good friends Amy and Carla in October 2006. The color could not be more perfect. Wow.
This little sassy pants still acts much the same but she sure has grown up a lot in appearance!
I never ordered this one back then but I am going to now. If I get it up on a wall, I can smile each time I walk by instead of when I happen upon it buried on a hard drive. Sigh.

L O V E all of these. So grateful we made the effort. Totally committing to doing this again in the Spring. Ok Clicky Chicks?!
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frederique said...

O I remember that second picture. I loved it! Our kids have grown

Anonymous said...

So remember these little girls at that age!!!

Amy said...

you're on for a spring photoshoot date. can't believe how much they've grown up. where does time go?? so glad we have photos to look back.