Wednesday, February 10, 2010

valentine water bottles

I made these! Well, not these in the picture but my own set for Shelby's Valentine's party on Friday. Totally adorable and quick. I bought Sam's Member's Mark 10oz bottles at Walmart and they worked out perfectly, just a 1/2" trim required since they are a bit slimmer.

Download them at the Blonde Designs blog. Those ladies are clever, crafty and creative. Oh, these are FREE.
**While posting this, the dog ran straight through the invisible fence. I assume since it is covered by 8+ inches of snow, it was not working. Next thing I know, Olivia is out of sight off after him, Shelby and I are lagging behind and I am screaming like a lunatic and struggling to move briskly through so.much.snow. I can only imagine what my neighbors must be thinking. Fortunately, Olivia tackled the bugger and I grabbed him and carried him home. I have a feeling he knows the taste of freedom now and if I let him out the door, he is going to be like a shot out of a cannon. For any of you on the fence about a dog...I have this advice...they are more work than another child!
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Amy said...

This makes me giggle:)