Sunday, March 14, 2010

home makeover project #1

We are seriously at the point here that everything needs an update. Even rooms that we painted or did some updating to originally, are now working on their 12th year, so the luster is gone!

This is our Master Bedroom or the Dorm Room as I call it b/c none of the furniture matches and we never quite even got it to our liking from the start. I removed the border in the main part of the room and painted it a simple oatmeal the day before we moved in (remember, that is now 12+ years ago) and over time, the bathroom got painted green but this little in between, nothing every happened. Here, I share what must be late 70's wallpaper. Oy. Soak in the loveliness people b.c as of today, it is coming down.
A view facing the closet.
A view from the main part of the bedroom looking straight into this area, with our tiny bathroom beyond.

I am shown here standing on the counter while the littlest in our bunch assists in this wallpaper removing task. She did a great job too. I got about 75% of the paper off when the husband returned from Home Depot declaring he was going to take the door off of the closet, open that up and then build a new narrower doorway in place of the large opening we have now. After dinner (about 1 hour ago) he announced maybe no door, just the opening moved down. Sigh. Dude is a great handy man but we currently are in the throes of one BIG mess and an enhanced project.

Things on the horizon:
painting the whole space: a brown/golden/bronze shade is the current contender
painting (finally) my thrifted headboad white and installing it
adding a large shelf from our family room above the bed with some large framed art
bedside tables: those may get painted as well, they are currently wood (maple, maybe?) but I want to see what they look like next to the white headboard and painted walls first

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Lisa said...


I just finished repainting all the rooms in our home after about a 10 year lag.

It is a ton of work! But you will be so happy!!