Thursday, March 18, 2010

patricia heaton: recap

First, Patricia Heaton is darling and tiny. t i n y. The only photo I got is of her next to this man (which she embraced, so it may have been the cousin she mentioned during her talk?). I hope to share on later of Kelly and I next to her.

Anyway, I very much enjoyed her wit and sense of humor and frankness about her life. Much of her talk was about aging, and particularly aging in Hollywood. She shared the types of surgery and procedures she has had to keep her looking good and competitive in the industry...from eyelash implants to tummy tucks! I could not help but feel it was difficult to make a connection knowing such things were out of my suburban mom, midwestern, single family income reach but hey, more power to Patti!

I learned that she was 32 before truly "making it" in acting which I found very interesting. She seemed truly grateful to be living this life, acknowledging while Hollywood may have its ups and downs, she and her family are fortunate. She and her husband are raising four boys (with assistance of 3 tutors I think she said!), introducing them to Catholicism and collaborating to produce projects of their own. Oh, and he is British!

Patricia was a little chatty and went beyond the typical scheduled time allowed so the Q&A with Carol Williams was brief. I think Carol was trying to crack into Patricia's Republican political views but Heaton as not taking the bait :) Pin It

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