Friday, April 16, 2010

feeling lucky

It has been a long busy week. I started out kind of dreading it b/c there was so much on my schedule but last night I realized that I am actually quite lucky.
On Monday I got to:
help with school play dress rehearsal
meet with my "boss" for my second PT job...a job that I really enjoy :)
On Tuesday I got to:
grocery shop
help again with the school play in the afternoon
enjoy an infrequent visit from my parents on a weeknight!
return for the final performance of the school play at night
work the school bingo after the play...and was treated to pizza afterward

On Wednesday I got to:
enjoy an hour at the park before Shelby went to school
pick up Olivia from Brownies with Shelby and Skipper and there was another dog friend there so we hung out over an hour playing
witness Dave opening the pool and the kids playing in the sudsy clean up water

On Thursday I got to:
take Shelby and a friend to dance class
enjoy another hour of play time at the park before school began
had a meeting with my "boss" at my 1st PT job--one that I also totally enjoy
be the parent helper at Shelby's Daisy meeting
sit outside and chat uninterrupted with a neighbor

I have mopped all the hardwood floors
I have completed a load of online work
I have gotten ready for a lunch meeting at 20 Brix
I will have a night out with the neighbor ladies

I am not always the best about putting things in perspective but I think I will try harder after seeing the good in my week :) Pin It

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