Wednesday, April 21, 2010

home improvement overload!

These are not even in order, just random in an iphone download but they tell a good story about my week.
My niece Kacie and I went to the Burlington Antique Show for the first time on Sunday . OH MY! We loved it. It was totally overwhelming but so much good stuff if you are a thrifter...and furniture painter like me :) The retro shelf is for Kacie, she lives in an older two family and this is just a perfect fit. The globe is for me, I am going to start collecting them :) The other is a stool for her bathroom vanity. The stool is slated for a makeover on Sunday--new paint, new upholstered top etc. I also got a wooden shelf to go above my new headboard but it is not shown here.
This is my comforter draped over my lawn furniture. It smells fresh and clean after being washed by my exceedingly kind neighbor who has a giant frontloader that can house a king size comforter.
This bench was delivered today by my wonderful Father in Law. I *may* have hinted with an email linking to Knock Off Wood. He is so good that we did not even discuss it, he just arrived with it complete and primered. Am I lucky or what? So tonight I spray painted it and tomorrow I will rough up the edges to match my headboard. I cannot wait to find some baskets for the cubbies and to make a cushion for the top.
After making this pillow sham, I feel like I could tackle a piped cushion...ok, not really but I am proud of my sham. I followed these directions and it came out great. I just need to make a second one now. The fabric is Nicey Jane and I got it from Hawthorne Threads. I could place an order from them every day of the week-there is that much good stuff!

So that pretty much explains what has been going on around here.
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