Thursday, May 27, 2010

a very full life-today

Yesterday, was May Day, a day FULL of activities for third graders. This is my girl coloring a rocket.
And preparing for lift off.
This girl officially ended kindergarten today. Above is Shelby with her pre-school "little buddy".
Below, she is with her two teachers.

Today I reflected for a few minutes about how full my life is. I am so blessed. My kids go to a wonderful school where the staff and parents work tirelessly so that each child can succeed. How lucky we are.

Today, 10 years ago, I had 3 little babies. Three little babies who did not survive to attend school yet they still are part of the reason my life is full. Without them, today would not be today, not the exact one I get to live. Had I not had them, I would be missing something.

Today a dear friend passed away far too young and leaves behind a son who will be 10 this weekend. That boy was born on the day the last of my three babies passed away. I remember it being bittersweet but I also remember those new parents being so gracious. Just like their joy was a bit hard for me at that moment, my grief was as hard for them. Today I cannot believe that one of those gracious parents has passed on. Today I am full of questions. And I am sad.
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Carla said...

thoughtful post. thinking of you!