Friday, July 30, 2010


I must first start with this. Yesterday, I tasted Nutella for the first time. Oh My Gosh. I dipped my strawberries in some and it was a little piece of heaven. I had it again today and even Olivia loved the Nutella.

So, there is no denying that I like to eat---and cook---and bake. But those three things seemed to have packed a few extra lbs. on me as of late and I jiggling in places that really, are not meant to jiggle.
So Monday, I am getting serious. I am going to begin the Woman's Day, Slim down with Joy Bauer program. Step 1 is kind of intense and I am already mourning the loss of my one Coke per day but I can do it, right?! I am telling all of you in hopes that you will keep me accountable. I can do anything for one week, or at least I really want to believe that. I believe this could be a great way to jump start some healthier habits. So goodbye Nutella, hello Skinny Soup. I sure hope I like it once I make up the 12 cup batch! Although there are a ton of Off Limit foods, there are plenty of eat all you want foods too...they just happen to all be vegetables :)

It seems like I have made myself crazy over this and am preoccupied with either eating all the things I will need to avoid, or I am making grocery lists and going over all the things I will be able to eat. Sigh...I really do like food. Pin It

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