Sunday, August 1, 2010

I am ready...

My soup has been prepared, I have tasted it and it is pretty good. I think 2 cups seems like an awful lot to eat prior to dinner but perhaps I will be that hungry?! I am also well stocked on vegetables and some of the other items called for that hopefully will see me through this week.

I had a large McDonald's Coke today which should be (hopefully will be) my last for this week and longer. I also had PBJ on white bread for lunch. I think that menu item is pretty much long gone too.

I feel excited about this challenge. I'd love to know who else may have tried any part of this plan. I just reserved Joy Bauer's book from the library and hope that it has more menu ideas in it.

So tomorrow it is operation eat super healthy and get my butt moving 30 minutes per day. Go!! Pin It

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