Wednesday, July 21, 2010

more on our hectic july...

With both girls' birthdays this month, the routine of no routine for the summer and the wonderful invitations for fun...we have been busy but in the best kind of way.

Yesterday was Miss Shelby's 6th birthday, complete with a Build A Bear birthday party which was very sweet, well run and perfect for girls this age.
I ordered the most perfect cupcake toppers of all time, hand created with fondant. They were super fragile to deal with but otherwise wonderful. I cannot wait for the next occasion that calls for cupcakes b/c they will get a treatment like this.
I also had a few recent photos printed at Costco to send with the thank you notes that we owe half the world. At the same time, I printed my vacation poster, 16x20, for a whopping $5.99. I love it and once I put it in the frame it really became what I had envisioned from the start.
Visit my original post for the free template to make your own. Next up, where to hang it?!

And on the horizon, another opportunity to enjoy this. See, I told you we were lucky. Pin It


Kelly said...

Love the Ocean Isle Poster of our great 2010 Family Vacation. I have just won simple question????? Why is there not a picture of Aunt Kelly driving all my peeps around in the golf cart???

Love ya,
Kelly (auntKelly)

Kelly said...

Sorry the slight miss spelling. won should be One. What the heck was I thinking.

Spelling Bee Champ Oct 1965.