Friday, July 16, 2010

pool time

Sure, I take loads of pics and plenty of them include the girls in our own pool. What is different about these is that I am at the foot of the pool by the shallow end and down low. I was so pleased to see the different perspective. Typically, I am seated to the side of the pool and snapping from there. These seem so much more personal, so much more them and more action oriented.

I have also been getting IN THE POOL, which has not been my thing in the past. But darn, it's been hot and humid and the girls get so excited. These photos are from last week but yesterday I swam with them. A few things they requested and I obliged:

-me jumping off the diving board
-the three of us jumping in together holding hands
-me going under water and coming up with a "hairdo"

The simple things can really be the best.
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