Sunday, August 8, 2010

cool things found on the internet...!

Party Booth. I need to throw a party and try this out. Looks super fun. I might do the 10 day trial and just set my kids loose.

Home Ec. A way cool online sewing class that starts tomorrow. So tempted to give this a go! One of the teachers is Rachel Denbow, I am a huge fan of hers. And vintage sheets which many of the projects feature. My Mom found me a cool one on Friday at a thrift store. I will take pics of it tomorrow to share.

I had a great time last night visiting with old friends at an annual Fiesta hosted by long time friends.

I made it through 7 days of sticking pretty faithfully to Step 1 of the Joy's Life Diet. I have found several foods that I really like and plan to keep in my arsenal. The soup is not my fav although the only thing I don't like is the cabbage so I pick around that. Today I made the Dark Chocolate and Cherry muffins b/c those are allowed for breakfast or as a snack during Step 2. I taste tested one tonight and at first I thought B L A N D but really, they are pretty good. That was my first bite of chocolate in 7 or more days. The recipe is in the book or online here. I got my book from the library. I also tried the Funky Monkey coffee drink. Not a fan of the banana with the coffee so I think I will leave it out and just increase the yogurt and try it again later in the week. A similar (but not so calorie conscious version) is here. I bet the addition of sweetened condensed milk would make it extra yum.

I will weigh in tomorrow but I think my week's efforts help me to shed 4 lbs. Not bad. Pin It


Anonymous said...

so proud of you for sticking with it!!

John said...

FYI, the photo booth software, Party Booth, has been renamed Sparkbooth and the new site is at