Monday, August 9, 2010

with pictures

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I know my last post was link and word heavy so this one has some photos! The picture booth one of Olivia is from a Pool Party she went to last week with her friend E. Ok, I took a pic of the pic with my iphone so the quality has been compromised, but aren't they beyond cute?!

The other 3 photos are from the Xavier Women's Basketball team's Girls Night Out last Thursday. Holy, fancy locker room! The girls got free t-shirts signed by all of the players in attendance. The bottom center is of more girls that came from our school to the event. I was very impressed with XU and the Cintas Center.

Today I made this coffee drink: one 6oz container of French Vanilla Yogurt (100 calorie), 1/2 c. cold coffee, 1 tbl. chocolate syrup + a splash of skim milk. I blended that all together well and then added crushed ice and blended that too. Um---YUM! And from my guess, that is just about a 100 calorie afternoon treat. I am getting the hang of this eat better thing. Now I just need to get my butt moving more. Not nearly as easy when it is 95+. I must overcome...
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Anonymous said...

Go XU - I guess I can say that now since I am officially a student :)