Monday, August 30, 2010

life IS good

I can finally share! Yesterday we had a surprise retirement party for my Mom and Jim. Since my mom has adopted the mantra: Life is Good, I made that the theme of the party. I created the banner above with oodles of collected scrapbooking paper cut down to size. Very simply I began with 4x6 solid cardstock, next I cut patterned paper 5.75x3.75 and the top layer to 3.5 x5 (roughly). The doodle frame is a digital scrapbook element and the font is century gothic at 180. After I glued them all together, I just weaved a long black ribbon through them all to create the banner. Super easy and I made it with things I had on hand. The shades of red, white, blue and pink from the patterned paper dictated the color scheme for the whole party.
(click to view larger)
Balloons were an easy, affordable addition. I also made lots of hanging tags by punching various shades of paper and cardstock. The life is good on white with the pink flower were made using free fonts so I will upload those as a pdf for anyone wanting to create stickers or tags for themselves. The water bottle labels were a cinch to make. I found dimensions via a google search and then designed them using a flower from my digital scrapbook stash. This flower is an oldie from Heidi Larsen at LDD. The rest of the decor was rounded out by using my collection of milk glass filled with red, white and pink flowers. I bought cheap-o blue table cloths from the Dollar Tree and made paper garlands to place down the center, an idea I saw on one of my favorite blogs.
I added the hanging lanterns in the tree on our deck and that was one of my favorite parts. I originally used these for Olivia's First Communion and loved them outdoors in the tree. What took me so long to think of that?!
Although the party prep was fun for me, the real fun was having friends and family together. My Mom and Jim requested just this one group photo--the two of them with their grandchildren (and one great grand child!). I'd say this one is a keeper.

My sister Kelly came out Friday and did the majority of the house cleaning so that I could do what I consider the fun stuff. Thank you Kelly! We also had TONS of great food. I may compile a short list of recipes next...

Download a sheet of 20 Life is Good flower tags HERE. PDF file.
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Bumblebee and Sophie said...

I will be planning my sister's bridal shower soon and this gives me so many ideas! Thanks for the inspiration!

Kate said...

Everything looked so nice - such great ideas.