Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this week...

...we are preparing for school to begin by labeling school supplies, taking backpacks to be embroidered, meeting teachers (early!), fitting in one last day at the park, attending orientation tomorrow and actually starting school on Thursday
...I am excited about my jobS...I am so fortunate to work with the people who I do and that I totally enjoy all of the industries I have a hand in...look for changes and improvements at the Brides Buddy, one of my part time careers!...I am in disbelief that by tomorrow evening, my good friend will be a Mom (after two LONG weeks on hospital bedrest) and I cannot wait to meet Baby B
...I will know the feeling of walking home from the morning bus stop ALONE with no one waiting at home...it will be just me, Skipper the Dog and my amazing lists of things to do for nearly 8 hours per day
...I am mourning the loss of no routine while anxiously anticipating the return of routine :)
...I have been totally defeated in the eat better, move more campaign. I will do better next week.
...I am looking forward to a family celebration this weekend
...I am trying to pause and reflect on how lucky I am...between refereeing battles between my girls Pin It


Kelly aka Aunt Kelly said...

Tracy: I can't believe Olivia is going into the 4th grade and Shelby 1st grade...all day :(. It seems like yesterday we were all putting on our Pink shirts and heading for the hospital to see our Olivia born...wow...and you calling me after eatings my famous stuffed green peppers, that we needed to head to the hospital our Shelby was ready. I love all of U!

Kelly said...

Family....We sure our a lucky bunch.