Saturday, August 21, 2010


The big celebration, welcoming 3 babies in the very near future, was last night. Above is a little onesie I made. These were taken with my iphone, inside, at night so the quality is kinda "meh".

And here is the only picture (with blankets open) that I have of the blankets I made for the new girlies who are on their way. I really have gotten the hang of this pattern now and totally love making them. You can find online directions here and here. This last one helped me to finally conquer the perfect mitered corner...the whole 90 degree angle cutting thing turns out to be important!

I also made stacks of burp cloths from flannel after seeing that idea online, and not having any diapers for burp cloths on hand. I totally loved how those turned out too. Very soft and sized right. With the strips left over from the self binding blankets, I was able to make nice contrasting sashes on the burp cloths. I did not measure my final product, but once I got in a groove, I was making 4 from a yard of flannel...which can be really inexpensive when JoAnn's has it on sale.
These simple projects really are improving my sewing skills and confidence. I am feeling more at ease about giving "handmade" gifts too b/c my workmanship has improved. Pin It

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Sankal family said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the blankets and burp clothes for the girls! I want to sleep with them myself :)