Thursday, September 16, 2010

paninis and more

First, I pulled the insert out of the recent Food Network mag with 50 panini recipes. Wow, at least 40 of those sounded delicious so I figured I'd try a few of the recipes eventually with my waffle iron that I have been known to use as a panini maker :)

And then I got a Kohls ad with this panini press inside and a 30% off coupon. I purchased one today for $28. I am considering this a great deal b/c 1) I have been wanting a grill pan and this takes care of that and 2) the pan and press are HEAVY so I am very excited to try the whole thing out.

I am adding some sort of heavy duty bread to my grocery list and hope to report back in a few days with recipe reviews. I am finding the apple/cheese/bacon combos especially appealing. Pin It

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