Thursday, October 28, 2010

big news

A new vehicle has been purchased!
We bought during Beechmont Toyota's Grand Opening Celebration and it was truly a great buying experience. I know they won't have a manicurist, magician, massage therapist and origami expert on hand every day but they did on Saturday and it made for a fun day (although it was long). This photo was taken when we finally finished all the paperwork and were taken to the cleaned up Highlander. I had to have my salesman, Steve Warren, take a picture with my phone...I am a blogger afterall!

So far the new wheels are amazing. The biggest (and perhaps ONLY) thing I miss about the mini van is the sliding rear doors. Both the girls and I are adjusting to "regular ol' car doors!". Also strange, there is not an ignition that requires a key, it is a push button start?!

If you live in the Cincinnati area, I highly recommend this company. Not that I look forward to servicing the vehicle but when I have to go I won't mind browsing the gift shop and enjoying Starbucks coffee. Crazy, right?! Pin It

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