Friday, October 29, 2010

halloween fun friday

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Above is a collage of photos from today at the girls' school. Each year, the Halloween parade is a big event. The shrek crew is the principal, school secretaries and the nurse. They always plan great costumes that coordinate.
Shelby's costume packaging referred to it as "soldier sweetie". She looked cute as a bug but plenty of people asked me what she was. For the sake of simplicity, I was just glad she quickly chose something, it fit and made her happy--I did not so much care what it actually was!
Her sister created her own 80's outfit. I think the inspiration came from a very bad B movie that she and I watched on Sunday morning called Teen Witch. This flick did not star any of the Brat Pack but did come through big time on the 80's fashions which my girl soaked right up! She pieced together this outfit at Target just yesterday. Yes, silver lame (pronounced la-may) pants are currently for sale at Target and it is October 2010. Leg warmers are also there for just $5. The shirt got a little snip around the neckline and at 9pm I made a bright pink hair scrunchie and the outfit was complete. Ooh la la.I made the water bottle labels for Olivia's class by recoloring a digital graphic I had on hand and then cutting them to size.

About an hour ago, the girls and I made these Milano cookie ghosts. Fun and easy. I saw them here this week.
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Sankal family said...

I'm super offended that you called "Teen Witch" a bad's a CLASSIC!!! "I'm hot and you're not...." :) :) :)

Cindy said...

Everyone's costumes look great, and I love the cute little ghosts.