Sunday, October 17, 2010

recipe review and car shopping

First, the Tortellini Bake was delicious. Rich, rich goodness. I made it with the asparagus and wish I had gotten it out a bit sooner b/c they got mushy, otherwise this was a big winner with salad and garlic bread. I think this would also be good with broccoli and b/c it is so rich, a plain noodle instead of tortellini would be sufficient. It made a lot. Oh, and without chicken I think it could be a great potluck side dish too.

Today we, including the children, spent 3 hours looking at and test driving vehicles. It's exhausting and overwhelming...dang, new vehicles are expensive. Topping the list right now is the Acura MDX but we'd have to obtain a 2010 to even make this feasible.
(Acura MDX)

Our main priority is a vehicle with a third row seat since neither of our kids is big enough to sit in the front seat. If each of them has a friend, we've got a problem. That limits the playing field dramatically. Off the list, the Chevy Traverse. I so wanted to like it, but I just could not see out well and did not feel safe with all the blind spots.(Traverse)
I will say, the Traverse has the most roomy interior. Inside, it is much like our mini van and you can move about as easily.

So, the hunt continues with me wildly hoping for a call regarding a 2010 Acura that will somehow fit our budget :) Prayers, anyone? Pin It

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Carla said...

OOh, like the Acura. I hear ya on the blind spots on the Traverse - that's how my Pacifica was. Ran that thing into more stuff than I can count. I'm all into the Nissan Murano... although budget issues are preventing that on my end too. :)