Thursday, October 14, 2010

love the one you're with

I recently read about this movement, it may have been the basis of a book, where the idea is to use the camera you have on hand. Basically, make do with what you have but don't miss the memory. This theory has led me to use my iphone as a camera a lot more. Case in impromptu visit to Shaw's farm on Monday. I did not have a camera with me but instead captured these, total keepers, with the Hisptamatic App and my trusty phone.

Quite honestly, the rest of the week has been mostly a blur with tons of activities and commitments.
One commitment...heading up the Cook and Bake committee for the school PTO. Part of this included me bringing home dirty dishes two nights this week after the teachers' dinners. Above is a scary photo of what that looked like on Tuesday around 9p. Cleaning 3 crockpots= dislike.

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