Wednesday, November 17, 2010

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I have fallen into the poor habit of searching the internets non stop for great ideas but than falling short of either purchasing cute finds, or making them myself. Today, I take action because a certain holiday is sneaking up FAST!Just today I happened upon this adorable blog, above is her booth at a craft show. Darling, right? What really caught my eye are these brightly painted frames---inside they are magnetic chalkboards---made to hold a recipe card. LOVE this idea. Her shoppe is currently sold out of them but I put her in my Reader to keep tabs on the inventory OR I may attempt these myself.

Another idea that I made before, are the purse tissue holders, like this one. These are simple and so cute. My mom, my sister, the girls and I went to a craft show this weekend they had tons of them for sale. If I were to sit down for an hour, I bet I could make 4-6 assembly line style and then use them for holiday gift giving. Heck, I think the size would even work to tuck a gift card inside.

I have yet to take a holiday photo for this year's card so I think I may take full advantage of all of our great summer vacation shots. And call me crazy, but I think I might drop said photo into a premade template, order prints, mail and call them done. Cute cards are everywhere:
Leora Sanford
Margot Madison

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Anonymous said...

Oh, that tissue holder is so cute!...thanks for the link.