Saturday, November 13, 2010

the last few days

I have been trying to test out uploading blog posts from my iphone. Twice it says it was successful, and two times I cannot find my words or photos! So here we go...
My two girlies sorting through their Halloween candy. We are going to send a big box to a friend who is overseas in the Army. Hi Craig! They both filled two, one gallon zip locs to the brim.
This morning we were stuck in a HUGE traffic jam on 275 for over an hour. I traveled about one half of a mile during that time before finally arriving at a spot where I could cross over the highway and turn around. I took this photo b.c the van cracked me up, especially being pulled by the RV. I found out later that two people had died in the accident and the highway was shutdown from about 9a to 1p. Accident report HERE.

And a few days ago I received the cutest wristlet in the mail that I won from a blog giveaway. I am a big fan of Gussy Sews and her signature ruffles. I was not the least bit disappointed when I opened my package and I cannot wait to carry this little number out on the town...or to the grocery which is frankly, much more my speed. Visit Maggie's shop and do some Christmas shopping. Your friends and family will thank you. And Maggie from Gussy, thank you!
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