Saturday, December 4, 2010

more favorite things...

(photo: 2009)

My RikRak stockings from last year. Loving the new color combos being offered this year in their etsy shop.

My littlest making her basketball debut and smiling the.entire.time.
Instagram for the Iphone.
I just downloaded this today but I think it could trump the Hipstamatic. I need to work out how to upload them though (eta: got this one on flickr! it is my tree a few hours ago).
Making a few homemade gifts like these but using my thrifted sheets. Two fat quarters yields 6 tissue holders :) Not as bright as the ones above but cute nonetheless, and I have a bunch of the sheets on hand. I am in the groove of making these now so maybe I will share a few here. Anyone interested? I will get photos of them in the daylight.

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House of Smiths said...

Wow! Awesome handmade gifts! :) I love that you're MAKING Christmas gifts this year! A GREAT idea!

Thanks for buying some of those fun vinyls for plates :)
~Shelley Smith