Thursday, December 30, 2010

more gift reviews and a shout out from christmas vacation central!

We have been taking this no school business very seriously. Peeps are up until 11pm and sleeping in until 9ish. Good stuff. In constant rotation from the moment they wake until their eyelids finally close are the Ipod touch (and my iphone too) and the DS's. New games, especially the ones that both kids can play as partners, are big fun.

Creationary: A LEGO version of Pictionary. Totally fun but you must embrace change and adapt and work with what you have! The pieces are so tiny it would be hard to construct a masterpiece but we learned to just lay pieces out and work with it and it was Especially with MaMA and PaPa.

Pictionary Card Game: Another great concept. The decks of cards have simple shapes on them and you use these in combination with on another or in addition to any other props you can lay your hands on, including yourself. This was so fun and apparently while I was out last night, the girls played it again on their own.

Kindle: I read a Jennifer Weiner short story that I paid 99 cents for and I just completed my first book, a freebie, The Year She Fell. Great story and I totally loved reading it on the Kindle. I am sold. I am a new disciple. So much so that today I found myself browsing Amazon for things like this:
Kindle Sleeve

and this:
Kindle Skins.

Which led me to some DIY crafty, sewing type searches.



this cutie found on etsy.

Today I made good on one of my take the girls to the movies. We saw Tangled which was very cute and that Mandy Moore, she can sing! Just one rant--the movies and especially the concessions are too darned expensive. Pin It

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