Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I spend a lot of time on the internet.
I read a lot of blogs.
I feel like I have "met" some of the most interesting people.

There are a few out there now, particularly tugging at my heart strings. I am pulling for them like they are my next door neighbor. And if you have some extra prayers available, you may want to meet them too.

Kayla and sweet baby Scarlette


In addition, I have decided to embrace a very casual project 365 project. I hope to take at least one photo per day with my Iphone. I mentally committed to this on Jan 2 so my first days' photos will just have to be what I happened to have taken. Makes it interesting, right? I have not thought through what I will do with them in the end. Suggestions? For safe keeping and to view my progress, I think I will start by uploading them to Flickr and creating an album.

My mind is still swirling about finding time to finish up my documentation of 2010 via a digital album. I really want to get this off my mind so that I can focus on the new year.

Lots of online talk about "one little word". I like it. I am trying to settle on a word. My top candidate is enjoy. Pin It

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