Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this and that

I ordered the girls' valentines this year from Current. It has been years since I ordered from them. Remember when they had the tiered pricing structure years ago? The more you bought, the cheaper your price? The catalog arrived and really caught our eye (s) so hopefully these will be a bit unique when the valentine exchange rolls around.
My favorite-the scratch off...
Olivia went to a fabulous spa themed sleepover last weekend. For breakfast they had chocolate chip pancakes--something she had never had and I had never made. So, last night at 8pm we whipped up a batch using Bisquick and dropping milk chocolate chips onto the pancakes as the first side was cooking. Ok, where have these been all my life? Delicious! We sampled a few and then I cooled them all and placed them between sheets of waxed paper so I can freeze them in small batches. Olivia had two for breakfast this morning. I could eat 20 but am instead trying to stick with coffee with fat free french vanilla creamer. She and I do not share the same metabolism :)

Today I ran across a new book that I would like for my birthday

I think I am developing an unhealthy relationship with Amazon but you can find this book there, along with most other items in the universe. I could not even venture a guess at how many yards of fabric I currently own so this would appear to be the perfect book. And I seem to excel at small projects. This blog is actually showcasing to projects from the book per week.

Happy Wednesday. I am headed to Best Buy for a replacement battery for the laptop. Pin It

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