Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ree: The Pioneer Woman

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Not from lack of trying (curses to my iPhone refusing to upload directly to Facebook for 2 whole days!) but here is a photo of my friend Amy, the Pioneer Woman and me! We attended her book signing on Friday night at Joseph Beth. Ree was genuine when she addressed the crowd and just a real joy to see and hear in person. She denies being a celebrity, saying it is all "relative" but I think the 700 or so people there to see her, would argue her status just.a.little.bit.
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In order to meet her in person you had to buy a book so I am now the owner of the Pioneer Woman Cooks, a great gem to add to my collection. Since I am such an avid blog reader, not much is new to me but I love it in this format so it's all good.

(sooc: sorry Ree!)
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