Thursday, February 17, 2011

food finds

This is a Hipstamatic shot of Clementines. I am not breaking new ground here with this announcement but...Clementines are delicious. My Shelby has eaten several each day. Which has me believing in the idea to leave "good food" in their line of vision b/c she is seriously picking these over anything else.

Wholly Guacamole 100 Calorie Packs. Um, yes please! Not only is this a great portion size but since there are 3 individual packs, the other two portions will keep nicely without turning brown. I did use a handful of chips but I spread the rest on a wrap sandwich and hope to use the other packs as dip for carrots and celery.

Moving on...Trader Joe's Soyaki Sauce. This is an oldie but goodie. Because the weather topped 50 degrees, we have grilled out several times this week. Instead of doing the Deen Bros Recipe, I marinated my split chicken breasts in this and then grilled. Magic stuff, Soyaki Sauce. When googling for links, I found tons of Soyaki recipes. And by the way, Soyaki is less than $3 a bottle if I remember correctly.

One food find that can stay on the shelf (in my opinion) is the Budweiser BBQ sauces. I bought two bottles when there was a BOGO offer plus coupon and I just don't care for it. And you should know, in this house a certain someone consumes WAY more than his share of Bud products so I had high hopes. Pin It

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Brandi said...

We love clementines too. I could eat guacamole dip everyday of the week. My husband has a great recipe that we use. I never tried Trader Joe's sauce, but the bottle looks very similar to the Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Sauce that we buy. Thanks for sharing your finds, now I must go eat something. This post made me hungry!!! LOL : )