Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weight Watcher Wednesday

I begin today with a disclaimer. During my one month on this plan, I have lost 3.8lbs total. I am not an expert. With that said, I am following the rules (and points allotment) fairly closely and still plan to share my hits and misses. The week I lost the most, I used none of my 49 extra points. When I have either gained or stayed the same, I have had a big weekend "occasion" where I allowed myself to splurge. Big time. So, there is hope for the method. Just don't invite me anywhere with great food or tempting alcoholic beverages. Just kidding. Kinda.

Moving right along to tasty food finds.
This little number was delicious and only 5pts. I ate it for lunch with half of an english muffin sprayed with 0 pt butter. I will buy it again and right now I think they are on super sale at Kroger.
I also ate these for breakfast one day. Pretty good. 5pts for two and you get two packs of two in the box. The main reason I prefer the other is because of the side of potatoes and veggies. I am all about the sides.

Next up, the Chipotle Nutrition Facts Calculator. So super cool. I was able to quickly determine the points of my Burrito Bowl before I even went to Chipotle for lunch. I ate half for lunch and will eat the other half tomorrow making them each 5.5pts based on my selections. For lunch today, I ate a half portion of Special K crackers with Salsa too.

Sonic. Oh, how I love thee. Although placing yourself in the drive thru is placing yourself in the face of temptation I do suggest getting their Route 44 Unsweetened Tea with lemon or Diet Coke. The styrofoam cup keeps the contents cold all day long. Last night, I threw mine out and there was still ice in the cup at 8pm. I view these drinks a "free" treat so I am happy on the days when I have one around. Today is a happy day :)

Any suggestions from fellow points counters out there?! Leave a comment.

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Phyllis said...

I have been doing the WW Points Plus for about a week and a half now. I have been really hungry on this program. I have lost a little over 2 lbs so far but I have not used all of my points everyday and I haven't used my activity points. Those 2 lbs are just this week so far. Last week I used all my points and didn't lose anything. Guess I'm being impatient!

Judi said...

That is so interesting the way you've lost weight after splurging a bit...but you've done nicely. I bet it feels better to be about 4 lbs less than more.

Are you drinking all your water? I remember when I've been on it if you didn't fulfil all you were supposed to eat and drink the results just weren't the same.

Good for you...and keep up the good work. I should be inspired to do the same...