Wednesday, April 27, 2011

on painting

Seriously, any other time I have ever set out to paint I just pick from a swatch, put it on the wall and live with it. And in all honesty, that has worked out well for me.

Then came yellow.
And grey. Or is it gray? 8 pots of tester paints and I think I finally have it narrowed down.
Thanks to Facebook (thank you Colleen and Teressa) I tested Blonde from Sherwin Williams and I love it. Just the shade I was in search of. It is shown, but not well, on the right.

The grey is from Home Depot and is Martha Stewart Bedford Gray. It is the bottom right on my top sample. In my larger living room, I may use the darker shade (not the ugly darkest one!) which is MS Grey Squirrel.

(photo credit: Jones Design Co.)
I have been spending loads of time on the internet looking at color combos and funny, this one showed up today in my google reader and is pretty close to what I am going for. (Totally wish I had the vaulted ceilings to do this trim work).

So, the loose plan: Yellow in the kitchen, down the first floor hall and foyer + the upstairs hall too. Greys in both the living room and dining room. I might use the same shade for both or a different shade in each. The family room is also in for a shade of yellow. I may use Blonde in here or I also like Behr Biscuit.

So is your head spinning? Mine is. But I am excited and inspired. Also for the first time ever, I may hire out some of the painting. Sounds like a dream... Pin It

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