Sunday, May 1, 2011

my heart

I have a very sad heart. A father of one of Shelby's classmates died on Tuesday night. We just returned from the visitation and seeing his two young children broke my heart. I surely do not understand. They had a photo montage playing on two TV screens and Dave noted that this man's birthday was exactly 10 days before his and they were born in the very same year. It is impossible not to feel the weight of that.

Pictures, scrapbook pages, telling my story... they always feel right and worthwhile to me but never more than at an occasion like this. I can imagine this family is grateful for every one of their photos and stories that have been recorded.
I am so thankful for the many memories I have been able to capture and record. I am thankful for the girls and people playing the starring roles in my life.I am grateful for technology (cameras, smartphones, computers, photoshop, digital scrapbooking) and my ability to own and use those resources.

Today, there are plenty of other things needing my attention in our home but today, I made the above two layouts. And my time was well spent.

Layouts and product credits can be found ::HERE::

If you are the praying kind, we currently have SO MANY in our circle of friends and family facing struggles. If you can offer up a prayer, I'd appreciate it :) Pin It

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