Saturday, September 3, 2011

Insta Friday

I take a lot of photos with my phone. Actually, most of my photos. I love the look of the Instagram and Hipstamatic pictures. (some of my family members do not prefer this look: my mom, my child...). First, let me say I know it is Saturday. Second, I will add that I am linking up to Insta Friday with some other very cool, internet people. My first foray into this game has only a few entries but I like them.
 Sunday. First official game. My cheerleader.
 Captured on Thursday at her soccer team picture taking session. It was 100 degrees. The kind coach dismissed us after pictures but prior to any physical activity. Thank goodness.
 Skipper the dog. In Olivia's bed. Dude usually sleeps in the kitchen and often in his crate. He had a spa day at PetSmart so he brought his clean self to bed time. Is he smiling? I think he is.
 He may get used to this life. Note: O's hand on his bottom and the way he is wedged in next to me. Ignore the lumps and bumps on my reclining body.

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