Sunday, September 4, 2011

photo tools

I moved back upstairs today to my desktop, and my full version of PhotoShop. The photoshop elements on my laptop does the trick but what I miss most are my actions. Particularly the Pioneer Woman freebies.

Anyone can crop a picture and I did that first. But look at the the photo on the right with a color boost, slight lighten and a sharpen. I am pretty sure I will print this as an 8x10.

And for posting purposes, I made a collage using Picasa (it's free) and added the text on there as well.

I also dusted off the 70-300mm lens from my old 35mm camera. I took some test shots today and I think it is going to work just fine as a zoom lens on my Digi Rebel. Watch out soccer and cheer, mama's got a new lens in her bag!

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