Monday, September 5, 2011

meal plan monday + continued sharing of The Hour That Matters Most

Monday: family birthday celebration for my nephew
Tuesday: grilled hamburgers, baked beans + fruiut
Wednesday: fajitas with leftover steak from Sunday, mexican rice and chicken nuggets for the girls
Thursday: BUSY {pto and meet the teacher for me, golf for dave and soccer practice for shelby} we will all be eating on the go
Friday: grilled beef tip, coconut shrimp, salad and more {having my neighbors over for dinner to thank them for caring for our house and pup while we vacationed last month}

As I poked around a bit more after sharing my thoughts last week on The Hour That Matters Most, I realized they have a dedicated website for the book.  I absolutely encourage you to visit and click around. I especially like the PDF downloadable files, for Conversation Starters. I even included a few of these in my girls' lunches last week thinking that would be a fun way for them to make small talk with their friends.

Again, the authors are the duo who began Dream Dinners, which is a concept I LoVe! I have only visited once for a fundraiser but the one dish I came home with, was wonderful. Someday, I would like to attend a full session and have a freezer full of go to meals simply waiting in my freezer.

**sharing my meal plan monday at Organizing Junkie.

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