Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Family Picture Day

I had prepared the family for official picture taking. Everyone was on board and promised to be dressed in coordinating attire and cooperative. And then life happened...
First issue: I buy a bouquet of balloons and before I exit the parking lot, one pops and scares the "you know what" out of me. I turn the car around and get that balloon replaced and acquire 2 more for back up.

The kids get home from school and are excited.
Issue 2: while cutting the tag from Olivia's shirt (closer and closer b/c it was scratchy!) I make two holes. And it was still bothersome. Deep breaths.

Issue 3: Skipper manages to get a black stripe of grease down his back only moments before Carla arrives. (think skunk).

We travel up the street, to the neighbor's yard, uninvited, to make use of their beautiful setting.

Issue 4: moments into posing for the above shot, Skipper gets loose! Olivia falls while chasing him and has a muddy stain on her knee. Dave captures him but only after becoming very irritated.

Carla (of Carla Essen Photography) manages to guide us through an hour long session with a smile on her face which trust me, could not have been easy. Although we were losing the sun quickly, she indulged everyone with their specific requests and then we all headed to Mios for pizza.

No sooner was Shelby out of the car then she announced...

Issue 5: Dave had lost his glasses out of his shirt pocket. Probably in the neighbor's yard filled with leaves, that was now mostly dark. Even better, he was sure he lost them when he was chasing Skipper. The dog. And guess what? Those glasses are about one month old and cost...wait for it...$500!

Well, he retraced his steps immediately and returned to the restaurant about 15 minutes later with the glasses ON. We all did a little cheer at the table :)

So, although this was not a painless procedure by a long shot, it was worth it. And I have so far only seen one official photograph...the one of us all, together, above.

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