Friday, January 13, 2012

Insta Friday: our week in iPhone photos

Prompted by InstaFriday at Life ReArranged, here are my shots. By the way, I am finding this is a good exercise b/c when I need to look back for details for scrapbooking, these jog my memory.

My basketball star made a basket!

New (to us) car purchase. It's a Subaru. Very cool and quite similar to our Highlander actually. No more minivan. Seems odd. End of an era?

Special little girl who made her First Reconciliation on Monday night (a sacrament in the Catholic faith).

SNOW. Huge flakes. It only lasted about 15 minutes and then pretty snowflakes were replaced with COLD temps and fierce winds. Boo.

Not sure which child's artwork this is. I found it in my Photo Stream on my phone but I am sure it came from the iPad. We are in the cloud you know...
Fun surprise. And another reason to {heart} technology.
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