Saturday, January 14, 2012

still recording 2011

First, I must do this public service announcment. On Thursday, I picked up about 40 printed layouts from Costco. PRINT YOUR LAYOUTS DIGITAL SCRAPPERS! It is wonderful to see them in this format and to be able to share your work with those around you. That is all. Thankyouverymuch.

Last night, my girls' school hosted a Scrapbook Night as a fundraiser. I packed up just my laptop, a few flash drives of photos and a short list of remaining layouts I'd like to complete to round out 2011. I got 4 completely finished and ultimately would like to do about 6 more. If I can do this before the end of the month, I will. If not, I will probably call 2011 good and move on with beginning 2012 pages.


Hip Hop


And finally, Elf on the Shelf.
I made the collage in Picasa. Pretty impressed that I ended up with 15 photos out of the 24 days Tony was with us. Every one of them was taken on my iPhone. Sometimes simple is better.

Do you print your layouts? Do you prefer photobooks or placing pages in a scrapbook?
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