Thursday, May 17, 2012

DIY: artwork to celebrate First Communion

Let's start at the beginning. With a "pin"...
I just clicked all the way through to the source and see that this beauty goes for about $335. Whoa!!

I really did not research any instructions on how to accomplish this look. I began by purchasing a 14x14 canvas on sale at JoAnns for roughly $8.

Next, I searched through my scrapbooking stash of chipboard letters. You could also purchase wood letters which might give you a bit more depth. Because I knew I'd be painting over the whole canvas in white, I did not concern myself with the colors of the chipboard letters. I also wanted to make do with what I had on hand, so there is a bit of variety in the fonts. Here it is in progress.

Next I did 4-6 coats of white craft paint on only the letters paying attention to cover all the grooves of the letters. Finally, I painted 2-3 coats over the whole canvas (with help from my eager children). This canvas was created to be the centerpiece above a dessert table celebrating Shelby's First Communion.

Which you can barely read here. Click to view larger. Or take a look at the photo below.

In all, I spent less than $10 because I had all the material except the canvas. I plan to hang this in Shelby's room now that the party is over. I think this would make a great gift and am inclined to make more.
Thanks for reading.

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