Friday, June 1, 2012

Framed photo canvas

I will work backward on this one.

My good friend Carla took gorgeous photos of us in the fall. This canvas is a result of that photo shoot. It is 16x20 which I thought would be plenty big enough over my couch. It was not. So...I began a search for a large frame to...frame it.

My community had their yard/garage sale days about two weeks ago. My first several stops were fruitless and I almost quit. Until I saw this big guy priced at $2. The owner promptly offered it to me for $1. Sold!

 Typically I do not get right to work on my projects but on this one I did. That same afternoon I dismantled the whole thing until I was left with this, just ornate enough, frame. I spray painted it in a nickel finish and Dave hung it last weekend. Go me!

My overall inspiration came from this find on Pinterest.

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