Monday, May 14, 2012

DIY:: chalkboard end table

My family room end tables look like this. They are not expensive, I got them at Hobby Lobby years ago, but I like them. And they still coordinate well with everything else in my family room. In prepartation for a party on Saturday, I carried one outside and spray painted the top with flat black paint. Then I realized I had a brand new can of chalkboard paint.

So MUCH to my girls' delight, I painted it and created a surface for art! I am not sure this idea will last forever as the chalk dust is messy but it is a great conversation piece for now. This week I will drag the other outside and create a matching set. If (when) I tire of it, I will scrub it down well and paint over with the flat black paint. By the way, after I lightly sanded the top, the paint filled in those exposed places really well.  This was a $3-6 makeover success!
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