Friday, May 11, 2012

InstaFriday: life via iPhone pics

Not wishing to be a broken record, I fight the urge to state my observation: I have not posted since last Friday. Sigh, life is busy. I have so many great projects to share though especially as I prepare for Shelby's special day: First Holy Communion. I promise details next week. For now, my saving grace, the iPhone and it's always with me camera.

 Redskins forever, Redhawks never! Only kidding but Shelby makes my vintage Redskins shirt look good, eh?
 Watching TV on the new bench.
 A very early on Pinterest find. Made it happen on Cinco De Mayo. Individual 7 layer dip.
 The supermoon last Saturday.
A very sunny, ME!
 Party prep begins.
 Teacher appreciation gift.
 Artwork by my sweet, sweet girl. This one goes in a frame.
 Shelby wearing her special shirt to school Mass to celebrate her Communion this weekend. And Skipper's butt. Oops.
 80 degree outdoor temps but 70 degree pool water. The kids are crazy.
 Crazier yet...they convinced MaMa to dip her toes in too.
 Shelby's school project. Meet: Puppy, Bad Kitty and Uncle Murray.
 Love these girlies.

I take advantage of these Friday recaps and refer to them when I do my monthly scrapbook pages. Thank you for indulging me.

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