Wednesday, May 2, 2012

on iphoneography

Hey there! You know how I have fallen into taking photos nearly exclusively with my iPhone? And how I am SO happy about it and often go on and on in this space about the merits of "love the camera you are with"? Well, I still believe all of this to be true.

But sometimes the occasion is so big that I dust off my Digi Rebel (practically vintage at this point, it is the Rebel XT circa 2005 or 2006), attach the 50mm portrait lens, adjust the settings as if I know what I am doing and the result is glorious!
This photo of my beautiful Shelby is from yesterday's pictures at Church, the real deal is next weekend but because I had snapped one of my all time favorite photos of Olivia on this day, I knew I had to give it a shot with Shelby. In fact, she is standing in the same doorway at church as Olivia is in this photo.

This one has been doctored a bit in PhotoShop, muting the colors. Not sure on the details just yet but I plan to print both photos in an impressive size and hang them side by side.

Pretty sure I am the luckiest Mom ever. Look at these girls! Pin It

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