Monday, June 25, 2012

Monday Meal Plan:: June 25

By planning out the week's menu I can accomplish several things: we will eat better, I will have a menu in mind and I have something to share on this here blog!
Monday: Poppy Seed Chicken (in the oven right now) along with steamed broccoli
Tuesday:  Frozen pizzas with side salads and/or veggies for dipping (Work Day + late afternoon orthodontist appointment)
WednesdayKraft Sizzling Salads Asian Kit. I bought this on sale at the grocery. I think I will marinate Salmon instead of chicken since we will have had chicken on Monday and Dave has become a big salmon fan recently. I think this is a great idea: marinate and dressing packaged together and the portion is not huge.
Thursday: girls night in or out...Dave golfs so we will likely have something simple at home
Friday: Dinner with friends at our favorite Mexican restaurant (woot!)

On Saturday night I made this Butterfinger Grape Salad. I know it is an odd combo of things and it doesn't really photograph well but trust me it is outstanding! My friend Kim has been making this for about a year and I finally tried it myself and took it to a potluck where it was a hit.

It has been an extremely hot here and while my pooch is not a fan of plain ice cubes, he does love treats. LOVES them. So, inspired by this idea, I mixed equal portions of water and beef broth together and filled muffin tins. The girls broke up a few soft dog treats and put those inside too. Skipper gobbled his first two right up. Bonus, it kept him busier longer than 15 seconds. We are going to try this in a jello mold and than drive a stake in the ground to hold it in place while he works on it. Seems like it could be a good, lengthy distraction for when we have guests over...otherwise he non stop begs for people to throw a ball to him.

And in unrelated news, CatScrap has closed and {Scrapflower} has bloomed beautifully in it's place. I am supporting the site by providing content via Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Join in! Great freebies available this week.

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