Friday, June 15, 2012


Hmm. Not been blogging much. Not much at all. Trying to find a rhythm in the chaos that allows me a manageable balance of being a mom + employee. Especially now with the kids at home. I am making it all work. Not effortlessly but we are all surviving.

So how about I share some phone snaps in an effort to resuscitate this blog?

Pre Recital

Post Recital

Traveling to the lake for a few days. Mason came in our car for the last hour.

The lake bath. Classy.

Go Fish at the lake house.

Marina view from the lake house

Loads of laughter

Driving the boat

And this very frightening find in the camera roll.

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Crissy @ LHOTR said...

Oh Wow!!!! It looks like you've got a really fun bunch there. I grew up on a lake I've had a few lake baths too. Hope this week is great for ya!