Saturday, September 22, 2012

my project life*ish instagram page

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 Today I completed this page that contains 9 instagram photos taken in the month of June. I am hoping in the years to come that pictures really are worth a 1000 words because this is just the bare minimum when it comes to memory keeping. And in the words of Ali Edwards, I am OK with that.

Just to see what exactly I have gotten recorded for 2012, I placed an order for 12x12 pages at Costco today. I have 13 pages to be printed and I already 4 in my possession. That takes me to 17 for 2012. I have told stories through July of this year. Yes; I have a lot left that I would like to do but I am happy when I review what I have accomplished.

Are you a chronological scrapper? Do you always say I will never catch up? Funny because I think I am a pretty Type A personality but I just don't let myself go there when it comes to this. Go myself a break!

Now for a Type A story...I cracked the crown off my back tooth last Saturday. At the dentist on Monday he said that comes from clenching teeth during the night from stress. I have tried to take a lot of deep breaths following that news. I don't feel stressed in an overwhelming way but this is evidence that it exists. Working through that :) Pin It

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