Sunday, March 25, 2007

look at what I did...

I got some pages completed that I am happy with! And I met new people. Many different styles represented, most simpler than mine. I have to admit, I was greeted with some skepticism regarding my style of scrapbooking. I am fairly trendy, I like new stuff, and I spend money on supplies. I view these as good things, I am not sure every scrapbooker does. Oh well, I like my pages and how I create them makes me proud and happy. My family fared quite well during my 14 hour absence, another thing to be proud of! Nobody required the Heimlich like during my last outing so all is good.

Here are a few more pages:

Oh, and if there are any "hardcore" scrapbookers reading...I made my own "thicker" type stickers for the MP-3 title by using a Sizzix and craft foam. Someone at the scrapbooking event had a Sizzix and about 10 alphabets. Too bad for me, I decided to try this out only moments before she left b/c I could have cut out a few more cool titles!
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Anonymous said...

these are great! i LOVE your scrapbooking style; don't let anyone knock you for it!! did you get that big new camera yet?!