Friday, March 23, 2007

tomorrow...i scrap

Potentially for 16 hours! That's right. My mom signed us up for this crop that goes from 8a-midnight. Woot! I aiming for 12 hours. But the amount of STUFF I need to take to scrapbook from home is just overwhelming. Don't tell anyone but I have been working for a week+ to gather and organize it. Here is a sampling, minus one large set of drawers, yes as in, plastic chest of drawers that I plan to travel with:

I'd be embarassed if I did not enjoy the process, and the end result, so much. I am also very excited to scrap with tunes this time. Although, I also love spending that much time with my Mom, so I will not have headphones on the whole time. And just b/c I am such a good daughter, I made her a little playlist of Johnny Mathis, Barbra Streisand, and Kenny Rogers. Those are some of her favs.

Looking forward to getting a decent handful of pages completed. Look for some next week perhaps!

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