Wednesday, March 28, 2007

my dancer

Whoa, Monday my daughter had her dance photographs! Was I ever unprepared for that scenario?! First, due to my root canal, my husband had taken her the week prior when they were 1) given the costumes and 2) a description of picture day was given. Let's just say, it was like a game of telephone and all I was told was to "bring the costumes along". Fortunately, I dressed her in most of it prior to going and took a tube of lipstick into the building. Thanks to the generosity of more seasoned moms, she also was given an Extreme Makeover which included: bobby pins, Aqua Net and curling the school cafeteria! Part of me felt embarrassed that I had so overwhelmingly misunderstood the gravity of this event and the other part of me is still glad that I mostly don't care, I can roll with the punches. I am accustomed to routinely writing out checks for professional photos that frankly, stink. Sure, they capture the moment in time which I do LOVE, but my kid is usually quirky in either her clothing selection or hairdo and the fact is, she is 5 which lends itself to wackiness no matter what.
OK, after all are some photos...I am a decent enough Mom to have brought a camera...although it was clearly on some wacky setting causing funky images. You will however get the idea. The first was taken outdoors at home. The location chosen solely by Olivia. She wanted to be next to the newly bloomed pink flower. You can also see, feel, why I need a new camera with a decent portrait mode, so I could blur out the background which here, is as crystal clear as my child herself.

Oh yea, I'd be remiss not to acknowledge the bright pink, 2 sizes too big, crocs. There, I acknowledged them.

Moving on to the inside photos:

Blurry and yucky but you get the idea of the total sweetness, right?! I have a few better of her whole class but I don't think I should plaster all those other girls over the internet. Oh, this is her tap get up, the ballet is more of the above but with some other things added.

And for my evidence that the camera was indeed wonky, here is my younger daughter, who was exceedingly not patient. She alternated between saying: it's my turn (wanting to get her photo taken), I wanna go home, and I have to poopy. I got lots of dirty looks about that last comment and the fact that I did not act on it. But, she is not potty trained. She simply wanted out of the cafeteria!

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i am LMAO. your blog is fun. keep posting.